12 июля 2012 г.

Bloody pics

Yeahh, I like such photos so much. Fake blood was easy to make, but afterwards I felt sick because of the red pigment I used(it was for cloth, not the food-paint as it should have been).

There will bw more, when I get them ALL.

Victorian meets postapocalyptic style))

Photo by Dietrih

Shaman photoshoot

2 января 2012 г.

New "old" pictures

Here are some photos from August and September 2011. I haven't posted them before because they were unedited. Actually...I haven't even seen them deu to the picture format(raw), I did't have a right software to open and edit them. Now the problem is solved:)
So part one: pictures from photoshoot with worms.
 (first one is just a backstage photo :) )

And some pictures taken in September. The so-called "true goth" photoshoot :)

Personally I'm in love with the last picture, I look like a bat ^^
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