30 декабря 2011 г.

Gothic Autumn by Mysteria Violent

Pics taken in September 2011 by Fillakteria, editing by me, model me as well ;)

New stock account

For DeviantArt users - i've made a stock account, so you can use my pics for your digital art. Feel free to visit my page: http://mysteriaviolentstock.deviantart.com/

Candy Photoshoot

Some days ago I've made a so called photoshoot at home, using a timer on my camera)) there are a lot of pictures but most of them are still unedited, so here are some of them.

the dreadfalls are made by me.

14 ноября 2011 г.

Worm Party

Crazy and spontaneous photoshoot, made in August 2011. Photo by Fillakteria, Model Mysteria Violent. All staff(outfit, hairfalls, make-up) by me. Worm cocktail was made by me as well.
Bon Appétit


Model: Mysteria Violent
photo by Fllakteria
editing by me

Recent photoshoot with blue hair

Точка, точка, запятая.: Немного готики...: PB091693 , a photo by S.Leonov on Flickr. И стимпанка)

10 октября 2011 г.

"TOXIC" - cyber gothic photoshoot

This photoshoot was made in June 2011, photo by Fillakteria, all staff(outfit, hairfalls, make-up) by Mysteria Violent, model Mysteria Violent.
Enjoy ^__^

It was rather hard to make to make this shoot, firstly we could't find a proper location, then there was a small conflict with security.. But finaly we did it)))

Cyber gothic style is my favourite so I completely enjoyed this shooting^^

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